Cairo, Egypt / 2011



NOUH (National Organization of Urban Harmony)

Project scope

Conceptual Design - Urban Design, Architectural Design

Project area

400,000 sqm

Project Category


Project cost

200 Million USD

Project description

The Opera and Ataba Squares witness prosperous urban culture. Due to an in-homogeneous prospect, an aim of development is rising along with historic conservation of the Opera and Ataba Squares’ area, to be a cultural, recreational, and commercial spot. Since it reflects great prospect of cultural significance, the masterplan enhances development efforts that shall be applied within the Opera and Ataba Squares’ area.

Not only because of its architectural and urban value but also for the adoption of the concept of sustainability and preserving the values of such monuments for generations to come, and to add a touch of civilization to such heritage and use it to develop the economy of the areas where it falls, serving the national economy
as well as improve the living conditions of the citizens and business owners in such areas.