The tallest tower in Egypt and Africa



GOPP - The Egyptian Government

Project scope

Urban Planning, Architectural and Landscape Design

Project area

800,000 SQM

Project Category


Project cost

900 Million USD

Project description

A piece of land with an area of 800,000 m² was proposed by the government to become one of the biggest business park in Egypt. We proposed to also add the tallest tower in Egypt and Africa.

A concentric approach to the design, putting a centered tower as the main feature of the project, with all other things scattered around it or attached to it. The tower has the main services of the complex and serves as an icon for the city.

Taking its geometrical ideas and proportions from the Great Pyramid of Khufu, as well as pointing towards it, The Crystal Spark is a symbol for modern Egypt, and icon to look up to on the western side of Cairo, beyond the actual Pyramids of Giza.