Giza, Egypt / 2009

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GOPP (General Organization of Physical Planning) - The Egyptian Government

Project scope

Concept Design and Vision - Urban Design

Project area

240 Acres

Project Category


Project cost

10 Billion USD

Project description

The main feature of Cairo is The Pyramids of Giza. Our target was how to develop their surrounding and re-invest in the greatest structures on Earth «Giza Pyramids»

The project includes planning for a new neighborhood for the demolished area along the avenue. It also includes roads and green areas inside the rest of the informal housing area existing around the avenue.

Consisting of Khufu park, Khufu plaza and Khufu guards with hotels. The Avenue has 4 main roads of 50 meter width dividing the 3 sectors. A Monorail is one of the main transportation means along the avenue.

By creating this project we can have the longest avenue allover the world for the most famous monument.