Lusail - Qatar / 2013



Contraco W.L.L

Project scope

Conceptual Design

Project area

1,500 m²

Project Category


Project cost

5,000,000 USD

Project description

The idea is to capture the strong essence of Contraco as it is a construction company through developing a structurally sophisticated building that is iconic and known through its structural innovation and implementing structural solutions in the environmental constraints and requirements.
Our philosophy is to build friendly architecture with the environment of the city of Qatar, this dictates the choice of local materials widely, the environmental impact of which are virtually nil.
The driving force behind the project is that the architectural language dictates the future image of Qatar while accentuating the local architecture heritage features, symbolically connecting the country’s past and future.
The project aims for a silver LEED certificate, the building utilizes multiple environmental solutions through its structural glazing mesh and double skin facades, as well as an indoor court with various semi outdoor circulatory pathways. Meanwhile, interconnectivity with the rest of the city is achieved as per city plan.
Multiple entrances providing various circulation routes as the ground and mezzanine floors are rented out and require private circulation other than the office working space zones.