Planning is the dynamic process of setting goals, developing strategies, and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish these goals, and thus transform visions into reality. It deals with the organization of all the elements that make up cities and handles their growth and functionality, bringing many different disciplines under a single umbrella. Our scope of services deals with: different types of communities on the strategic planning level, as well as on the physical planning level, covering a range of activities, which include site analysis and selection, city planning, land-use planning, tourism planning, industrial planning and rural planning. The projects vary in locations, sizes, and their surrounding environments, which affect the way each of them is handled. UDC has been involved in the design of major new urban communities around Cairo, such as the extension of New Cairo City, 6th of October City, Badr City and Al-Shorouk City; in addition to the strategic planning of a number of Egyptian cities, such as Luxor and Ismailia. Moreover, UDC key members have taken part in Cairo: 2050 vision, which outlines the long-term plan for Cairo, with the aim of reversing urban deterioration and improving the quality of life.

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